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S/Y NOAH is a schooner with two poles and a jib.

We can offer you different boating excursion, for the private and the corporate market.

Fishing expedition .
Bring your own, or us the fishing equipment on the ship. We approach well known fishing grounds, and the ”fishfinder” will tell you how to catch the fish.
Passengers can participate on a real sailing.
Sailing course.
2 days where you will learn how to handle a sailing-ship and navigate.
Four different destinations to sights like the Navy museum, Redningsselskapet, Foto and Oscarsborg.
We'll bring you from Refsnes estate on the Jeløya Island by the city of Moss, Hankø Fjord Hotel and Åsgårdstrand hotel.
Firm/company tour.
Bring your employees or customers on a tour where you deside the schedule.
Private tour.
Private party on board. Birthdays and family occasions.
The western coast of Sweden.
Sailing between Grebbestad and Marstrand, overnight stop in Fiskebeckil and lunsj in Hamburgsund and on Kjærringøy Island.
Price list 2003 Lenght Price per person/hour
Fishing expedition -min 10 pers min. 4 hours Nok 110,-
Sailing -min 10 pers min. 4 hours Nok 110,-
Sailing course -min 10 pers min. 4 hours Nok 110,-
Culture-cruise -min 10 pers min. 4 hours Nok 110,-
Hotel-tour -min 10 pers By inquiry  
Firm/company tour -min 10 pers By inquiry  
Private tour -min 10 pers By inquiry  
The western coast of Sweden -min 10 pers By inquiry  


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